What to Expect from your Best Personal Assistant named Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Alexa is one of the fewest personal assistant apps which is customized and personalized to the core just for you. The system executes all your voice commands within the shortest span of time by interacting with the websites, nearby devices, applications, gadgets and vast number of other electronic, mechanical and electrical equipment. Some of the applications are home automation, call and message handling, news and weather reports, music, sports follow up etc. You can personalize the app to execute specific voices only. This sort of conditioning can prevent the unauthorized use of the app.

Amazon ALEXA

The Amazon Alexa Review

The present edition of the Amazon Alexa review is about listing some of the most personalized and generic services offered by the system. The first thing you need to know about using the system is the wake word. It could be Alexa, echo or Amazon followed by the command. For example you could say “Alexa order pizza from Dominos”. The app searches for the nearest Domino pizza center to your location and places and online order. Then the voice assistant lets you know about the approximate delivery time and the cost of the Pizza. This is just one of the features.

  • Performs Calculations: – You could ask Alexa to perform simple or complex mathematical calculations, resolve formulae, explain complex equations etc. You have been doing all these with the simple search engine so far. The only difference is you don’t need to open any search engine or website and type your question. You and the amazon alexa can talk to each other just like two humans.
  • Answers Questions: – The amazon alexa is designed to answer specific questions from all the subjects you can search in the internet. The designers have also included smart answers to tricky and illogical questions.
  • Plays Music/Radio: – You can choose a vast range of playlists, music channels, news channels and radio stations and add them into the amazon alexa. You can also configure the system to add any new links to the database. This will help enhancing the music and radio listening experience with amazon alexa. You can get to know about the latest weather report, sports update, poll results etc.
  • Controls Devices: – “Alexa turn on living room TV” works within fraction of a second, while “Alexa check fuel” might take a few more seconds, but they obviously work. Similarly the smart system can be customized to work with many other devices and equipment which are listed under the Amazon products.
  • Creates Recipes: – The amazon alexa can create multiple types of recipes across the continents when you activate the Alexa and the trigger wake words. This is one way of personalizing the commands to the system.
  • Creates IFTTT: – One way of creating recipes with Amazon Alexa is through IFTTT. This is the abbreviation for If This Then That. This is one way of establishing the coordination between multiple devices in your home which get activated as soon the previously working device completes its task.